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Creativity is difficult to measure, but it is easy to identify the surfaces in which it can express itself. People who have trusted us have stated that we are perfectly able to handle the 360o campaign, that is, to take care of everything related to the communication of your product, brand or investment.

Everything means:
  • scripts for promotional, event and advertising films (we do not accept weddings),
  • scripts for television, radio and internet advertisements,
  • interactive materials: websites, applications, banners, e-mailing, all types of presentations,
  • outdoor, indoor, press communication,
  • POS materials, i.e. leaflets, posters, wobblers, stoppers, hangers, shelfstoppers, instoretheater folders and everything that can work as a form of communication in a given project,
  • visual identification of the investment, project, event and brand,
  • texts saying only what is to be said and always in original and fun to read form


Polish dictionaries define competences as the scope of knowledge, skills and authorizations to implement specific actions. We take it seriously. That is why in our production offer you will find only what we really know, and not just say that we know each other.

  • we will prepare, implement and process each photo session,
  • we will assemble and print any material - regardless of the format,
  • we will develop and visualize any forms - both in 2D and 3D,
  • we will produce a film - from the title to the final result.
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